We Are Hiring Writers that Understand Methylation and Detox SNPs


We are hiring a Medical Writer that understands Methylation and Detoxification SNPs for automated analysis. We prefer someone who has a degree, has helped patients, or has a medical practice.

This is a paid job. Please send me a message through the Feedback form or a message through our Facebook page if you are interested in this position.

Our Facebook page is: http://www.facebook.com/GeneticGenie

Alternatively, you can reach me (Kyle) by phone at:

Please don’t use this number for technical support. If you have technical support questions or any other questions please use the Feedback form.

Further details and compensation will be discussed after you contact me. Furthermore, if you are a practicing physician or health consultant, having your name on Genetic Genie can can you attract patients and/or clients.

We are no longer hiring, but if you are interested in a volunteer position involving writing about SNPs are blog posts, you can still contact us.

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3 Responses to “We Are Hiring Writers that Understand Methylation and Detox SNPs”

  1. Monica Kay Says:

    Hello Kyle,
    I am responding to your search for a medical writer. I am a dietitian with clinical experience as well as regulatory and medical writing experience for Abbott Labs. I am also the mother of a child with Asperger Syndrome and, as such, have quite a bit of experience researching the issues involved in this disease, including methylation and detoxification. I am not certain who your target audience will be, but I have both the perspective of a parent and a professional and I can tailor my writing to either group.

    If you would like to contact me to discuss this position further, you can reach me via e-mail or phone [phone # removed for privacy].

    Monica kay

  2. Melinda Fouche Says:

    Hello Kyle,
    I am a naturopath and I’ve been working with all types and ages of people with all types of conditions–including Autism, Lymes, Cardiovascular and Cancer… I have been having clients obtain either the YASKO nutrigenomics panel, Genova or Doctor’s Data panel or jus the simple MTHFR A and C test from Quest or Specracell to understand why some people are at higher risks than others and how we can refine their nutritional programs while reducing stress. I’ve been experimenting with the SCIO and the CORE bioenergetics software to impact the effects of the genes and offset the need for so many supplements. I recently found 23andme and GeneticGenie and am thrilled to now refer these services to all my clients. Would love to share case studies with your readers… Results have been stunning.
    The Healthy You Lifestyle System, LLC

  3. Terri Mykland Says:

    Hi Kyle,

    I am responding to your invitation to writers knowledgeable about detox genetics. I’m the mom of a 19yo autistic son who is now living mostly on his own. I have treated him biomedically since he was 2, and we ran his Yasko testing when he was about 13, and used it in his treatment. I am also in the process of getting certified to practice Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. I see my practice including customization of diet, supplements, lifestyle to the individual’s genetics. I recently got 23andme done for myself and my 12yo daughter who is experiencing depression, and am using it in both of our treatments. I also run a vitamin company that makes supplements for kids with autism and I do a lot of writing and teaching in my work. Please let me know how I can help! My cell # is 831 212-0624.

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