Discover health-related variants with GenVue Discovery using 23andMe, Ancestry, or Whole Genome Sequencing

Throughout the last year or so, we’ve been developing GenVue Discovery. GenVue Discovery allows anyone to browse all clinically relevant variants in a genome in 2 minutes or less.

Our goal is to keep this product free, but for it to stay free, we rely on donations from the community. As the founder of Genetic Genie, I believe in the power of voluntarism. I believe that we need more accessible research tools that anyone can start using with just a couple clicks. During the testing phase of GenVue Discovery, professional PhD researchers, citizen scientists and even ordinary citizens with limited understanding of genetics and bioinformatics were able to discover the power of this tool. There are amazing tools and websites developed by people, Universities, and organizations from all around the world, but many of these tools require a technical computing background with education in bioinformatics.

GenVue Discovery utilizes many of the amazing tools, databases and websites for variant research. Links are provided to many of the amazing services that can aid in variant research.

GenVue Discovery is only our first GenVue tool. Other GenVue products are planned such as GenVue Explore, GenVue Create and GenVue Research. We’re not ready to announce details about these other tools yet, but we’re excited! In the meantime, watch our 6 minute how to video and feel free to upload 23andMe, AncestryDNA, or Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS/WES) data.

(Note: If you are wondering why major updates to Genetic Genie have been slow, please read our about page. In short, I have a chronic illness that limits my physical and cognitive capacity. But since I have found medical treatments that have greatly improved my function, I expect to expand the capabilities of Genetic Genie much more rapidly than before.)

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my file doesn’t work while it works on the methylation report, it’s a myheritage file