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Introducing GenVue Discovery

Genvue Discovery is an exciting new research tool that makes it easy for anyone to discover variants in a Whole Genome, 23andMe or AncestryDNA file. Genvue Discovery provides a user interface that's suitable for a scientist or citizen scientist. While this tool is powerful, we designed a straightforward user interface so anyone can start researching. All it takes is a little curiosity!

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Is my data compatible with Genetic Genie?

Genetic genie offers third party analysis, interpretation and reports for consumer genomic data as well as professional Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) and Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) files. The genetic raw data DNA interpretation and analysis services on this site require a 23andMe, AncestryDNA, MyHeritage, FTDNA (Family Tree DNA), Living DNA, HomeDNA, Genes for Good, WeGene (China), 23Mofang (China) raw data file or Whole Genome Sequence or Whole Exome Sequence VCF file. Our panels are also compatible with data from other consumer genomic companies as long as they are formatted like 23andMe data. For whole genome sequencing, we are compatible with data from Dante Labs, Veritas Genetics (no longer selling kits), Nebula Genomics, Gencove, Helix Exome+, Genos, and many others. Our new product, GenVue Discovery is currently compatible with AncestryDNA, 23andMe and WGS/WES data as well as low-pass sequencing gVCF files.

While the popular consumer genomic companies genotype hundreds of thousands of pieces of genetic data (called SNPs) from your DNA, this only represents about 0.02% of the genome. While these companies try to choose the most important SNPs, the data is far from a complete representation of variation in the genome. The future is moving towards Whole Genome Sequencing and we recommend using Whole Genome Sequencing files with our tools.

While our tools are compatible with data from many consumer genotyping companies, some (or sometimes many) SNPs may be missing from panels depending on what company and chip version was used for genotyping. If you are looking to choose a personal WGS sequencing provider, we recommend looking at List of Personal Genome Sequencing and Interpretation Services from Harvard University. If you you are looking at consumer genotyping, we recommend AncestryDNA over 23andMe since AncestryDNA provides more clinically-relevant data.

GenVue Discovery: A Free Promethease Alternative for Citizen Scientists and Researchers

GenVue Discovery by Genetic Genie is a free Promethease alternative, as well as an alternative to Codegen (,, Varsome and Enlis Genomics software. However, we would argue that the GenVue Discovery platform and user experience is unrivaled and completely different than any other tools. GenVue Discovery is more focused on both rare and common health-related variants as opposed to traits. GenVue Discovery is a very easy to use but powerful genome DNA raw data interpretation application. It is designed to be accessible to citizen scientists, professional researchers as well as research physicians.

GenVue Discovery relies on data from NCBI ClinVar and other genetic databases to organize and interpret DNA raw data. Complex queries are performed to compare your upload (hudnreds of thousands to millions of variants) to a database containing virtually all known disease-causing variants. Millions of genetic variants are assessed and annotated in under 1 minute for 23andMe/AncestryDNA files and approximately 2-3 minutes for a Whole Genome Sequencing file and outputted to a user-friendly web page. It has never been faster and easier to perform a whole genome ClinVar analysis or consumer genome (genotyping) raw data ClinVar analysis for genetic disorder and genetic disease research. Simply go to GenVue Discovery and upload your genome raw data file for analysis. Your data is not stored or shared, and no user account is required to use the services.