23andMe Login to Download Your DNA Raw Data

Please be aware that since genetic data is sensitive personal information, we do not recommend downloading your raw data files on public computers or uploading to third-party sites that are untrustworthy. Genetic data is valuable, so many third parties will store your genetic data so they can profit from it. This data is their most valuable asset. At Genetic Genie, our services are anonymous and we do not store any of your genetic data. It’s important to read and understand the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before uploading to any third party.

To store your data or use third-party interpretation services such as Genetic Genie, Self Decode, Promethease, Codegen, GEDmatch and more, you must download your raw DNA data first using a 23andMe login.

Download 23andMe Raw Data on a Laptop or Desktop Computer

Shortcut: Skip steps 1-3 by going to https://you.23andme.com/tools/data/download

Time needed: 4 minutes.

Download your 23andMe raw data using your 23andMe login:

  1. Login to your 23andMe account.

    Go to https://you.23andme.com/ and enter your username and password to login.

  2. Browse raw data.

    On a desktop or laptop, cick your name in he upper right corner and click on “Browse Raw Data”. If you are using a mobile device, Tap the menu bars icon in the top right corner of your screen. Scroll down in this menu and tap on “Browse Raw Data”.

  3. Click the “Download” button.

    Click or tap the download button. The download button is in the middle of the screen on both desktop and mobile devices.

  4. Submit raw data download request.

    Read the warnings about the accuracy of your raw data and the sensitivity and security of your raw data. Scroll down, agree to the limitations and risks, and click “Submit request”.

  5. Click download button in email.

    You will get an email when your download is ready. Downloads requests are usually pretty fast, so alternatively you can try refreshing the page in a minute or two, and your file should be ready to download.

  6. Download your raw DNA data.

    Once the download is ready, simply click or tap the “Download raw data” to save your raw data file to your computer.

Your raw data is downloaded as a zip file. Inside the zip file there is a text document (.txt file) containing all of your raw data. You can open this file with programs like Notepad in Windows or TextEdit on Mac. Your data is relatively straightforward and has 4 columns: Chromosome, Position, rsID (the SNP identifier), and genotype. When looking at the raw data text file, most people are interested in the rs# and genotype.

You can search the text file for a specific genetic variant rs#’s that you find on sources such as SNPedia and compare your genotype or upload your data to a third-party service of your choice.

Once you have your raw data downloaded, feel free to check out our Genetic Genie Panels and our GenVue Discovery health variant analysis platform. GenVue Discovery is a very unique, but is a free alternative to raw data analysis services like Promethease and Codegen (codegen.eu). Uploads to Genetic Genie are anonymous (doesn’t require a user account) and your data is never stored or shared.

This pretty much covers everything. If 23andMe changes the way raw data is downloaded, please let us know in the comments below.

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Susan Lapes

i have my raw data from 23 & me; how do I upload to your site?


23 and me results are not able to be downloaded anymore. is there any way to do this without downloading?


My 23&me results were .csv instead of .vcf, is there a converter?


Hi, tried to upload a raw data zip file from Nutrition Genome, and it wasn’t accepted. Is there something else I can do? Thanks!


I went through SelfDecode and I have coverted my file from word to zip and to plain text and it is not accepting any of them…any help would be appreciated.

Me Me

How can we save PDF of report? I was able to print but if I download I only get zip file which has no useful information , id like to email to my dr.


Search up GenVue Discovery on Google

Last edited 1 year ago by Bob

I downloaded 23&me raw data and uploaded to Genetic Genie. How to I obgtain my Genetic Genie results? Thank you for taking time to read and respond.


Search up GenVue Discovery on Google

Kathryn Brickle

I want to Download my 23 & Me to Genetic Genie. I am not a Techy & I have a Brain Injury. Can U please Assist Me? TIA

Theresa Buxbaum

I can’t get on my 23and me it say an error


I have downloaded 23andme data to my computer. It is not a zip file just 12,000 pages of text. When trying to upload to Genetic Genie I get the message invalid file.


How can I turn the txt file that holds my raw data into a compatible file for upload?

Kimberly A Rumrill

I keep uploading the raw data from 23 and me but then nothing happens.

Chelsea Jaco

how to i upload my raw data to here?

Adrain Konopelski


Helene MacLaughlin

I have downloaded my raw data from 23 and me and I do not understand how to upload it to you. What my health care provider is interested in is MTHFR


Search up GenVue Discovery on Google

Last edited 1 year ago by Bob