Methylation Analysis with Automatic Personalized Interpretation Now Here

ggWe’ve been working hard.

Genetic Genie Methylation Analysis with personalized automated interpretation is now available. Some parts of the interpretation are not finished as of this post. We still have some content to change, and we have some custom diagrams to make/add, but it’s here!

You can view an example interpretation here.

If you already have 23andMe, just go to “Methylation Analysis” and upload your file again.

If you want to learn more about the 23andMe genetic testing service, check out

Comments, feedback, suggestions, and corrections are more than welcome. Genetic Genie has finished laying the foundation, and now we want this to be a community effort. This should get better and better as we go along if there is participation from the community.

For now, you can leave comments through Feedback or a comment on the blog post. But what would be best for the future? If we made the data an open, editable Wiki, would anybody want to participate in editing and adding content? I think this would be really cool if there are people who are actually interested in taking part in a community effort.

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10 Responses to “Methylation Analysis with Automatic Personalized Interpretation Now Here”

  1. Linda Says:

    If i have results for the yasko methylation report, can I get interpretation of it from you and if so, what is the cost?

    Thank you for all you do


  2. sherry picciano Says:

    I received my methylation report from your site but need help in reading it and getting a plan together to hopefully experience less symptoms than I do now. quality of life is that of some 90 year olds and I’m 51

  3. Ruth Deutsch Says:

    Being that 23andme is now offering fewer SNPs in their testing and I have no clue which SNPs are a problem for me, is there any other company you work with to do the sample and compute the raw data for methylation and detox analysis that would sample and present a more complete picture?


  4. Laraine Broschinsky Says:

    I had a DNA saliva test done through and I am wondering if you are able to use their DNA information to find out if I have a MTHFR mutation. I have downloaded my results but they are basically useless to me. Is the 23andme the only DNA testing site you work with? Please let me know so I know how to proceed. Thank you.
    Laraine Broschinsky

  5. Abdul Says:

    Thanks inn favor of sharing such a pleasant thought, article is good, thats why i have read it entirely

  6. Susan Says:

    My doctor is asking for the Methylation Pathway Defects results
    but I cannot locate them could you help please?

  7. Catherine Says:

    Why do you even have comments if you are not bothering to respond?

  8. Helen Says:

    23andMe doesn’t test for methylations – those aren’t part of the DNA sequence – they’re added later, and they vary from tissue to tissue. So what’s this site testing? Ditto, re: the Detox – there’s no interpretation of the data. Why did I donate, for getting these analyses? I guess because I’m foolish.

  9. Ken Stone Says:

    Helen – you donated to support a useful public service. Unfortunately, you’re unclear on the difference between methylated DNA (i.e. epigenetics) data (which 23andme doesn’t tell you anything about) and a SNP analysis that helps you to figure out the details of your particular methylation pathways.

  10. Z Jacobson Says:

    Hi. I just got my tests but I dont see what the colors mean… green, yellow and red. Thanxs!

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