Great MTHFR and Methylation Radio Podcasts from MTHFR Support

MTHFR Support is doing a great job with their blogtalk radio programs discussing methylation. Recently, they have had some well known guests who study MTHFR and methylation on their show. Their next show is on Wednesday January 30th. The link to it is below. What IS MTHFR AND Other SNPs That Work With MTHFR 01/30 […]

Detox Cytochrome P450 and More Now Available With 23andMe File Upload

Because of requests, we have provided a table under “Detox Profile” that lets you know if you have Detox related mutations with your 23andMe data. This is not the final result. We are still working on interpretation and we are looking for 1 more medical writer who has a degree in biology (or similar) and […]

You Are Not the Result of Your Genes

The first thing to realize when you are using genetic data is that you are not the result of your genes (most of the time anyway). You are the result of your gene expression and heritable changes in your gene expression. This is also known as epigenetics. What does this mean? You can’t look at […]

Thank you for your support and generosity!

I would like to thank everyone for the donations and feedback I have received for Genetic Genie. It’s truly inspiring and motivating. The initial concept was and still is very simple. It’s not much of a site the way it is. I had no idea I would get anything out of it. Before donations, I […]